What is N-Deals?

This is an area marketing tool for customers operating stores in Southeast Asia+, which aims to standardize and save labor in store development operations by visualizing and analyzing store and surrounding information.

Southeast Asia+

Available in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Taiwan.



Supports multiple countries in Southeast Asia+

It provides the latest information, including population statistics and information on facilities that affect customer attraction for each country in Southeast Asia+.

All of this is available within the framework of the annual fee.

Easy to understand information on the vicinity of stores and potential sites

Population statistics, the distribution of stores and potential sites, facilities that would attract customers, and the use of Google Maps aerial photos and street views allow those unfamiliar with the local area to visually understand the location.

Simple and intuitive operation

Intuitive operation allows you to register stores and analyze store surroundings.The system is compatible with tablets and PCs.


Store Management

Stores of the company and its competitors can be registered on the map.Stores can be represented by icons by status (Candidacy, Operating, etc.), allowing visualization of store expansion and Store development progress in each country on the map.

Trade Area Analysis

Trade areas can be created by radius and travel time (walking, driving), and information on the surrounding area, such as population statistics within the trade area, competing stores, and facilities that influence customer attraction, can be obtained. Analysis data can be output in CSV format.

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1,000 USD

Initial Setup Fee

12,000 USD

Annual Usage Fee

  • All initial setup fees and annual usage fees are paid in full upfront.
  • Automatic renewal after the second year. Full annual usage fee is paid in advance.
  • Please contact us or our sales distributors for quotation and application.

N-Deals is a public cloud service. Customers can use the service via the Internet from their tablets and PCs.

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